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Irish Civil Service Pensions Information Centre

Welcome to the Irish Civil Service Pensions Information Centre Website.

This website gives pension information for civil servants recruited up to the end of 2012.

Civil servants and other public servants* recruited from 1 January 2013 onward are members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme (“Single Scheme”), and can get pension information at https://singlepensionscheme.gov.ie

The website you are viewing is therefore for civil servants who are not Single Scheme members. It covers (1) the Superannuation Scheme for Established Civil Servants and (2) the Superannuation Scheme for Non-established State Employees, and provides information in the form of:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - with answers to questions about your pension scheme

  • Pensions Modeller - this lets you enter details of your service, salary, intended retirement date and future work pattern; it then calculates an estimate of your pension benefits.

  • Legislation and related documents - this reference section contains links to Acts, regulations and other official documents relating to civil service pensions.

    The FAQs and Pensions Modeller do not cover all aspects of the pension schemes, but will nonetheless help you to understand the main features of your scheme. Detailed technical handbooks are available on this website.

    For a general overview of Civil Service superannuation arrangements click here.

    Further Queries - If you have any further queries regarding your salary or pension, please contact the Personnel Unit in your Department.

    * Public servants outside the civil service recruited before 2013 belong to sector-specific pension schemes (e.g. HSE and teacher schemes). While these schemes are often similar to the civil service schemes, each has its own rules which may differ from the civil service. Members of these non-civil service schemes should consult their employer or sectoral authority for pension information and estimates. They should not rely on this website, which is specific to the civil service, for such purposes. General public service pensions information is available on the DPER pension webpages.