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Welcome to the Pensions Modeller

Estimate your pension benefits

Please note that any estimates provided relate only to Established and Non-Established Civil Servants and Prison Officers who are not members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme ("Single Scheme") which commenced 01 January 2013 and applies to new entrants recruited after that date.

The Pensions Modeller is designed to help you get an estimate of your projected pensions benefits based on your actual salary and service details supplied by you. It will on this basis estimate:

  • pension benefits at retirement for a selected retirement age
  • spouses and children’s benefits
  • death in service benefits
  • preserved benefits if you resign before minimum retirement age
  • actuarially reduced benefits if you retire before minimum retirement age

The calculators will not take into account salary increases between now and retirement.

Project different scenarios

It also allows you to model various possibilities for example:

  • you may enter a salary to reflect your projected progress on a payscale or career progression
  • you can select your % work pattern from now to retirement date to take account of projected unpaid breaks such as career breaks or term time absence or a period of worksharing.
  • you may compare the effect different retirement ages would have on your pension benefits
Please read the Disclaimer below. You may use the Pensions Modeller when you have indicated agreement to the Disclaimer by clicking the "I Agree" button. You will need to indicate agreement at the beginning of each new session.


The data, information or results contained in, furnished by or obtained from the use of the Pension Modeller is for the general guidance of members with respect to pension scheme benefits. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements obtained through the use of the Pensions Modeller. The data, information or results obtained through the use of the Pension Modeller have no legal standing and, in particular, are not suitable for use in Family Law cases. The legislation, policies and terms applicable to your pension scheme will govern any entitlement to pension scheme benefits. The Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 became law on 28 July 2012 and introduced a 40 year limit on pensionable service, for people who have been a member of more than one public service pension scheme. The calculation provided by this Pensions Modeller is based on the information provided by you. In the event of any error or omission in this estimate, the legal requirements of the scheme rules will govern. At the time of retirement or should you require information for official purposes e.g. on the application of the 40 year rule or for a Family Law case, you should contact your Department/Office's Personnel Unit who will arrange to verify your pensionable service, salary details etc., and to furnish you with information on your pensionable entitlements. 

Further help:

Help panels ? on the input screen are intended to guide you.

"Tell Me More" Links on the Benefit Statement provide further information on aspects of the pension scheme

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